Food Salt

Suppliers of food salt

Dri-Pak Ltd has been supplying the UK public via supermarkets, wholesalers and the food service industry with salt since the 1960s. We pride ourselves on providing an unrivalled service. The current MD is the third generation of the Maxwell family to steer the company; through the ups and downs of a volatile economy Dri-Pak has been invisibly ensuring that UK chip lovers always have something to sprinkle on arguably the nation's favourite dish. Salt may not be 'sexy', but it sure would be missed by the top Michelin starred chefs, right through to the 'greasy spoon' cafe. You'd be surprised where our salt ends up....including the new HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier. If you look through these photos from the Daily Mail, you'll spot our salt being used in the galley.

We've grown to become multi-million pound company, due to our professional service and reliability as well as our flexibility to serve businesses of various sizes in retail, wholesale and food service. With salt, continuity of supply matters, so make sure you contact us first...and last!

Our salt products range from trusty cooking/table salt to more specialist varieties to cater for every taste.

We look forward to working with you.